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Carpe Diem Key Tag

$29.99 USD
Color - Antique Silver Finish

 The Carpe Diem key tag was created as a daily reminder to seize the day, make the most of every moment, and remember the preciousness of time. The Latin phrases "Carpe Diem", "Tempus Fugit" that are stamped on the coin serve as a reminder that time flies by quickly. The phrases "Memento Mori" and "Memento Vivere" are also etched onto the key tag, reminding us to remember death and to live life to the fullest.

This key tag makes a great everyday carry item and an original gift, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of living in the present moment and cherishing the time we have. Whether as a personal keepsake or a gift for a loved one, the Carpe Diem key tag is a meaningful and inspiring reminder to make every day count.

Collect the Carpe Diem key tag and never forget to live each moment of your life. You only live once, after all. You better enjoy the ride.

Technical details:

  • Large, Heavyweight key tag
  • Diameter: 1.54" (39mm) - about the same as a Silver Dollar
  • 2.7mm thick (10 gauge)
  • Weight: 1oz
  • Highest-quality mint, extremely fine details
  • 100% Minted in the USA


  • Nickel-Silver (Antique Silver Colour)
  • Brass Alloy (Antique Bronze Colour)

The key tags were chemically aged so the patina looks great right out of the package and will look even better with more wear from handling and daily carry. The key tag is treated to look as if it has been handled and circulated. Colouring and patinas may slightly vary.


There are no identical key tags!

Artwork design on this coin is copyright protected.

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