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About Us

Our coins were designed in house and minted in the USA. They were made to be carried with you on a daily basis.
The EDC Reminder Coins serve as a physical reminder of a personal value, goal, or commitment that you have made to yourself.

EDC Reminder Coins are the unique coins in the world that represent the most famous life quotes engraved on high-quality metal for a whole life keeping. 

Each EDC Reminder Coin measures 1.54" (39mm) in diameter, and approximately .116" (3mm) thick and weighs in at a solid 1oz.

The coins are available in the following materials and finishes:

  • Antique Bronze Finish (Brass Alloy - Chemically Aged)
  • Antique Silver Finish (Nickel-Silver - Chemically
  • Antique Copper Finish (Solid Copper - Chemically

These coins are of an extremely high-quality mint and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin.  


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We take pride in the unique and creative design of our coins, and we want to inform you that our coin designs are subject to copyright protection. This means that the designs of our coins are legally protected and cannot be reproduced, distributed, or used without our explicit permission.

We take the protection of our intellectual property seriously and invest significant time and resources into designing and creating our unique coin designs. Our copyright protection ensures that our customers receive a truly original and high-quality product, while also safeguarding our brand and reputation.

We ask that you respect our copyright and refrain from any unauthorized use of our designs.

Please note that any attempt at infringement can lead to penalties such as monetary damages, legal fees, and injunctions against further use or distribution.

Thank you for your understanding and support of our business. We hope that you will enjoy our unique coin designs and appreciate your cooperation in protecting our intellectual property.