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Why You Should Own an Everyday Carry Coin

Why You Should Own an Everyday Carry Coin

Life happens and it can happen fast. Many times, you need reminders here and there to get you through the day. There's something about antique coins that can make you feel nostalgic. That, in itself, is a powerful emotion that can stop you in your tracks. Even better are the EDC Reminder Coins that provide you with quotes on coins.

There is no doubt that words are powerful and in down moments, the right words can make all the difference. With the different seasons in life, ups and downs are inevitable so your best bet is to prepare for them. How? Arm yourself with life-changing words that can charge you and help you make the right decisions.
If you're having a bad day and you need to take a moment to simply breathe, your reminder coin will be there with you. You can sit on that park bench and run your finger across the surface of the coin, reading the engraved words to yourself over and over. In no time, you'll be motivated and ready to get back on your feet.

Asides from getting one for yourself, you should know that there are few gifts as meaningful and thoughtful as an engraved everyday carry coin. When you give a gift, you want to show the person that they are loved and cared for. That is exactly what edc coins will do for you. Are you thinking of that family or friend that is going through a rough patch? Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do to help but you can never go wrong with sending encouraging words. Whenever they read the quotes on their coin, they will be inspired and in that moment, they will be reminded of you, knowing that you're there for them.

It is always a good idea to add some unique coins to your collection. Everyone has their favourite quotes but some quotes are everybody's favourite. We have them all here. There are a variety of options to pick from; you'll likely be spoilt for choice. We have:

1. The Transient Coin: The quote on this coin reminds you that many things in life are temporary. The difficult situation you're in is not going to last forever.

2. Carpe Diem Coin: This Carpe Diem edc tells you to seize the moment. To hold on to the past is futile and to postpone your happiness is not good enough.

3. The Victorious Coin: Sometimes, you can be so focused on the external factors. This edc challenge coin reminds you that all you need to succeed is inside of you.
4. Never Give Up Coin: Now and then, you encounter certain setbacks and you need some kind of encouragement. With this coin, you're reminded to always get back on your feet.
5. The Badass Coin: This edc coin is a great motivation for you to take the world by storm.
6. The Wisdom Coin: Everyone needs words to set them straight in sticky situations. This coin has wise words for you to live by.
7. Fierce and Fearless Coin: You don't have to let fear hold you back from fulfilling your dream. This challenge coin quote tells you to go for it.
8. Omnia Vanitas Coin: This coin serves as a reminder that in death lies the final truth.
9. Survivor Coin: Things might not work out well on the first try or even the second try. Does that mean you should stop? The survivor coin reminds you to keep trying until you get that which you've dreamt of.
10. Warrior Mindset Coin: It's easy to stay in your comfort zone where nothing ever happens. If you need that extra push to go over and beyond, the warrior mindset coin is for you.
11. Liberty Coin: In a world that tries to fit you into a box, this challenge coin edc will remind you that you were born to be free.
12. Goal Achiever Coin: A constant reading of the quotes on this coin is sure to get you on your way to achieving all your goals.
13. Power Coin: It’s easy to focus on the pain and weakness you feel but the encouraging quotes on this coin will get you running in no time.
14. Gratitude Coin: A certain kind of mindset is necessary for a happy life and that mindset is one of gratitude. Many things can occur that can shift your focus from good to bad but the quotes engraved on this coin will gently encourage you to focus on the right things.
15. Smile Coin: It is said that a smile can have positive effects on your emotions. Then, why don't you do it often? Never forget to smile again with your coin right there with you.
16. I Can Coin: The most powerful thing a person can do is to believe. Amid your insecurities, you need a constant reminder that you have to first believe in yourself.
17. Faith Coin: The power of faith cannot be overestimated but too often, with the information you're exposed to, doubts can begin to creep in. Fill your mind instead with the quotes from this coin in times of doubt.
18. Positive Thoughts Coin: The mind wields so much power so we must learn to control it. This coin will inspire you to do so every day.

These cool edc coins are 1.54" in diameter and are 0.116" thick. Combined with a weight of 1oz, they are convenient for you to carry everywhere. You can easily put one in your purse/wallet, side pocket of your bag, or even the pocket of your clothing. Most jean clothing comes with coin pockets so you can start to put them to great use.

Every coin has two sides and these reminder coins are no different. These unique challenge coins have inspiring quotes on both sides – they are double-sided. They also come in handy when you want to do heads or tails. There are two finish options for the coins. Depending on your preference and taste, you can get them in antique bronze finish or antique silver finish.
Made from quality metal, antique finish with evergreen quotes engravings, are long-lasting. This makes them perfect as keepsakes. With these coins, you can pass down wisdom to the younger generation.
Available for you are the best edc coins and coins as key tags. You can also get quality leather sleeves for the safekeeping of your coins.
Each coin has been carefully crafted and engraved on. These edc challenge coins are inspiring coins worth having and are gifts worth giving. You should get one, two, or more now.

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