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Little Things Often Make a Big Difference

Little Things Often Make a Big Difference

To reach your goals, you need to be persistent. You have to create a habits routine for long enough to let it prove results. That is a fact.

Here is a list of little habits that can change your life for the better.
Take Your Time To Answer
The world is moving fast. But you still can take your time to reflect on your actions. Get used to say “I’ll tell you later”, “I’ll get back to you on this”, and other alike phrases.

You better do not hurry to say yes to an offer only to understand later that it doesn’t fit your needs, better to take a short time to reflect on it. You may appreciate it later.

· Make Efforts To Complete A Task No Matter Your Mood

Make a habit every day of picking a task you keep avoiding to do then go ahead and complete it. From making your bed to washing the dishes or from going for a run to cooking dinner instead of take away.

After doing this for a few days, you’ll realize how easy it is. You’re just used to postponing things, because it’s easier, especially when you’re not pushed. But often, once you start doing the tasks, it becomes your new routine.

Once you’ve spent a few days completing small tasks, get to bigger ones.

· Prepare Your Next Day the Night Before

Choose your outfit and put everything in your bag (men might not understand this, but most women have a huge list of things that they need to have in their everyday bag).

Write down a to-do list and check your calendar to see if you scheduled any meetings or calls. Do anything you can to organize your next day.

If you have a plan, you get things done faster. There’s no luck involved, it’s good organization.

· Set a Timer for Your Tasks

Staying committed to a single task seems difficult, especially when you are in the habit of working on more than one task at once. Setting a timer keeps you committed to a single piece of work and doesn’t let your focus and attention dwindle. As a result, you can complete that task much faster.

For example, you can set a 30-minute timer and give all that time to a single task. This method can come in handy for important tasks that require your total attention. Even if you dislike a task you are working on, setting a timer at 30 minutes can reduce the chances of switching to new tasks before the current one is done.

· Spend A Day Away From Social Media

Nowadays the phone is like an extension of our hand. We tend to pick it up for no reason and then scroll on social media for 30 minutes without realizing it. You might not have impressive accounts on social media platforms. You may even post rarely and the numbers of friends or followers may be insignificant, but you still have the habit of checking on the others and wasting precious time on scrolling the feed just because it became a reflex.

Do not give up on those for good Facebook is a great way to find out about local events, and Instagram is a great source of inspiration for many activities. But all of these are useful if you use the platforms in moderation.
So if you’re struggling with this as well, start small. Spend a day away from social media or don’t connect your phone to Wi-Fi at all. After you realize you’re not missing out on anything, by being offline for one day, you’ll consciously choose to spend less time online, every day.

· Eat mindfully

When you’re eating and are busy with other something else (like watching TV/reading something, etc) at the same time, you tend to eat more than you need. Moreover, you’re not enjoying the food, nor are you can focus on the other task.
Having a meal shouldn’t take more than 10–15 minutes. Plan your time so that you can allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying meals.

· Place Your Phone on the Opposite Side of the Room

If you keep your phone near you when you sleep, you’ll just keep hitting the snooze button until it’s almost too late to get out of bed. Leave your phone in another room or further from your bed, this way you’ll be forced to leave the bed. We all know that the hardest part is standing up, not waking up. And this is why this method works.

· Write Down Every Idea

No, the chances are that you won’t remember it. Stop lying to yourself. Out of all the things you pick up during the day, you end up forgetting more than half of it.

Make a habit of writing everything down, even the little things that seem unimportant.

· Get your EDC Reminder Coin

Pick your EDC Reminder Coin and keep it with you at all times. Find the right everyday carry coin to match your situation and get the so much needed motivation to carry on your tasks, be grateful, take the best of every single day, achieve goals and enjoy life.

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