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Goal Achiever Coin

$27.99 USD
Color - Antique Silver Finish

The Goal Achiever Coin was created to remind you that imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagine things, dreams, goals, and visualize them. That will attract them to you. Once you start dreaming and feeling about your future, you are halfway through it.

 The philosophy behind the words on this everyday carry coin is simple yet profound: by visualizing success, believing in yourself, and giving your all to achieve your goals, you can reach the best results. The phrase "Imagine Believe Achieve" reminds us to focus on our goals and believe in our ability to achieve them, while "With all your mind, with all your heart, with all your might" encourages us to give our all to make those goals a reality.

Carrying the Goal Achiever Coin in your pocket or wallet serves as a constant reminder of these powerful messages, motivating you to stay focused on your goals and giving you the confidence to pursue them with all your heart and mind. It's an excellent gift for anyone who makes efforts to achieve their goals and dreams.

This challenge coin was made to be carried with you everywhere you go, serving as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Encourage a friend to work harder to make his own dreams happen in real life by gifting this coin. Showing that you believe in their dreams will make them believe in themself more.

Collect the Goal Achiever Coin and continue dreaming big. With this coin in your pocket, you will be constantly reminded that you have the power to achieve only if you believe.

Don't let your goals remain just a dream. Buy the Goal Achiever Coin today and start taking steps towards achieving your dreams with all your heart, mind, and might.

Technical details:

  • Large, Heavyweight Coin
  • Diameter: 1.54" (39mm) - about the same as a Silver Dollar
  • 2.7mm thick (10 gauge)
  • Weight: 1oz
  • Highest-quality mint, extremely fine details
  • 100% Minted in the USA


  • Nickel-Silver (Antique Silver Colour)
  • Brass Alloy (Antique Bronze Colour)
  • Solid Copper (Antique Copper Colour)

    The coins were chemically aged so the patina looks great right out of the package and will look even better with more wear from handling and daily carry. The coin is treated to look as if it has been handled and circulated. Colouring and patinas may slightly vary.


    There are no identical coins!

    These coins are unique and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin.

    Artwork design on this coin is copyright protected.

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