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Faith Coin

$27.99 USD
Color - Antique Bronze Finish

 The words on the Faith Coin are more than just a collection of words. They represent important values that can guide us in our lives and help us to find meaning and purpose.

Faith, in particular, can help us to believe in something greater than ourselves and to have confidence in our ability to overcome adversity. Whether it's a belief in a higher power or a sense of purpose, faith can provide us with a sense of direction and guidance.

Love is another essential value that reminds us of the importance of caring for others and being compassionate. It teaches us to accept and appreciate the love that others have for us, and to show kindness and empathy in return.

Finally, hope encourages us to remain optimistic and to believe that things can get better, even in the face of adversity or uncertainty. It inspires us to work towards a better future and to have confidence in our ability to make a positive difference in the world.

The powerful sayings on this everyday carry coin provide us with a strong foundation for living a meaningful and fulfilling life. The Faith Coin reminds us of the importance of having a sense of purpose, caring for others, and remaining optimistic, even in difficult times. By embracing these values, we can find a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our lives and create a brighter future for ourselves and those around us.

Collect the Faith Coin so you can keep on believing, hoping, and trusting or gift it to someone dear to you.

Technical details:

  • Large, Heavyweight Coin
  • Diameter: 1.54" (39mm) - about the same as a Silver Dollar
  • 2.7mm thick (10 gauge)
  • Weight: 1oz
  • Highest-quality mint, extremely fine details
  • 100% Minted in the USA

∙ Material:         

  • Nickel-Silver (Antique Silver Colour)
  • Brass Alloy (Antique Bronze Colour)

The coins were chemically aged so the patina looks great right out of the package and will look even better with more wear from handling and daily carry. The coin is treated to look as if it has been handled and circulated. Colouring and patinas may slightly vary.


There are no identical coins!

These coins are unique and are akin to a traditional military challenge coin.

Artwork design on this coin is copyright protected.

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