A warrior is someone who can stands up and fights for what they believe in using plenty of courage and skill. A worrier is someone who is inclined to worry, someone who constantly doubts and underestimates themselves.


This coin is a reminder of that you should stop worrying about whether or not you are good enough, stop worrying about past failures, stop worrying about the results and go after and pursue what you love and what you believe in. And if you fail, get back up and try again because a WARRIOR never only fights one battle. Start your journey to becoming a warrior right now.


With this coin, remind a friend of yours that his dreams can overcome any fear. He is strong enough and he can fight any trial in life face on.

Collect the Warrior Mindset Coin as you get out of your comfort zone. It is time to stand out and win in life.

Warrior Mindset Coin

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