Gratitude Coin 


Gratitude has been defined by researchers in the social and emotional science realms as an emotion, a trait, and even a skill. It is all of these things.

It is an emotion that we experience—the more we experience it, the more it becomes a trait—a way that we live and are experienced by others. It is also a quality and experience that we can intentionally develop, which is where the skill definition comes into play.

Gratitude is an emotion-experience that happens in the space between one person and an “other”. That other can be a person, or a thing like an experience in nature, or to spirit/God/the Universe in response to receiving something. That something can be quite material, like a wrapped gift, or something less tangible, like encouragement, support, an embrace, or even witnessing profound beauty like a sunrise.It an experience that is commonly experienced in the heart and leads to feelings of connection and expansion.


Collect the Gratitude Coin and never forget about the blessings you continue to receive each day. When you are feeling alone and empty, start being thankful. Always be grateful and you will be fulfilled.

Gratitude Coin