Embossed leather coin sleeve. Crafted from soft, flawless natural leather. 100% Handmade.

The leather wears well over time, continuing to look good even with regular use.Each coin pouch comes with a Hakuna Matata Coin.


The Hakuna Matata coin was designed to serve as an everyday reminder to live more and worry less, to live more mindfully, fearlessly, and with an open heart. Be present in this moment. Practice gratitude, trust your journey. To simply live more, and worry less each day.


Returning our minds to the present moment is how we appreciate beauty. This coin is a small keepsake that you can carry around in your pocket, or give as a gift to your friends and relatives to remind them that they are surrounded by beauty and love.

Customized “Hakuna Matata Coin” leather sleeve + one Hakuna Matata Coin