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History of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a long-standing tradition in military history, dating all the way back to the Roman Empire. In the United States, challenge coins seem to have originated during World War I, when a wealthy lieutenant ordered medallions struck in solid bronze and presented them to his unit. When that challenge coin was used to identify a wounded soldier, it became a tradition to ensure that all members always carried their medallion or coin. This tradition has since spread to other military units as well as Congress.

The rich history of the challenge coin stems deep into military tradition, but recently the coins are gaining more and more popularity in the civilian world. Challenge coins for everyday carry maybe a bit of a mystery to many, but they make an excellent reminder gift. Our coins may be kept in a keepsake box, carried in a pocket, or displayed proudly on a wall. EDC Reminder Coins have no monetary value but carry lots of sentimental value. They serve as a unique reminder of the holder’s values and are often treasured, kept safe, and passed on as an heirloom.

Giving each other gifts is a time-honored tradition among many societies. From birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays it is customary to show your gratitude and love through a token. Do challenge coins make good gifts? Yes, we think challenge coins are a great gift-giving item for any holiday or occasion, or just for showing support to someone.

When you want to show your appreciation, pass on congratulations or reward someone, you need to make it unique. The more uncommon the gift, the higher the impact on the recipient as it feels one of a kind.

Challenge coins for everyday carry are ideal gifts for both personal and professional settings. Their personal touch goes a long way in conveying your message in a lasting manner. Despite their military history, these coins are now a staple of life at different stages.

The EDC Reminder Coins were designed to carry motivational and inspirational quotes. Each coin has a special design charged with symbols and meaningfully thought details. They are the perfect pieces to give to your friend so that they keep a reminder of you; recall lessons you’ve learned, usually more than once, but have temporarily forgotten; impress others with their original and unique design; carry it around as a way to keep looking up and stay in a good place.

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